Visa® Debit Card Disclosure

Important Information Regarding your Visa®-Branded Debit Card

Non-Visa® Debit Transaction Processing.

We have enabled non-Visa® debit transaction processing. This means you may use your Visa®
Branded debit card on a PIN-Debit Network* (a non-Visa® network) without using a PIN.

The Non-Visa® debit network(s) for which such transactions are enabled are: STAR and ACCEL/Exchange Networks.

Examples of the types of actions that you may be required to make to initiate a Visa® transaction of your Visa®-branded debit card include signing a receipt, providing a card number over the phone or via the Internet, or swiping the card through a point-of-sale terminal.

Examples of the types of actions you may be required to make to initiate a transaction on a PIN-Debit Network include initiating a payment directly with the biller (possibly via telephone, Internet, or Kiosk locations), responding to a logo displayed at a payment site and choose to direct payment through that network, and have your identity verified using known information derived from an existing relationship with you instead of through use of a PIN.

The provisions of your agreement with us relating only to Visa® transactions are not applicable to non-Visa® transactions. For example, the additional limits of liability (sometimes referred to as Visa® zero-liability program) and the streamlined error resolution procedures offered on Visa® debit card transactions are not applicable to transactions recessed on a PIN-Debit Network.

*Visa® Rules generally defined PIN-Debit Network as a non-Visa® debit network that typically authenticates transactions by use of a personal identification number (PIN) but that is not generally known for having a card program.